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Media Release

Calgary Chinese Orchestra hosting an online film premiere to celebrate the 2021 Chinese New Year!

Calgary, AB (January 25, 2021) – To celebrate the 2021 Chinese New Year, Calgary Chinese Orchestra (CCO) will host the online film premiere of Off to the Races on February 14th, 2021 at 2pm MST. The one-hour event will feature the musical short film, followed by an online after-party with interviews and SURPRISES!

Part music video and part documentary, the short film, Off to the Races is about the classic Erhu piece called “Horse Race”. The film is a collaboration between CCO, award-winning filmmaker Vicki Van Chau, and Calgary music producer Warren Tse. Through an open call process, the film features participants from the global music community playing with the members of CCO. We hope to ring in the year of the Cow and bring joy to audiences with a new twist on a beloved classic.

The event is free and requires registration at:
For more information, please email:

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Call for Submissions: Horse Race 徵邀音樂錄像《賽馬》

( 中文版請向下滑觀看 )

Call for submissions from erhu players and instrumentalists
Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM (MST)

Project Description

Chinese New Year is typically a time to get together. However, this is not a typical year, so for celebrating Chinese New Year in 2021, Calgary Chinese Orchestra is organizing a community event to virtually bring people together. The orchestra is calling for submissions inviting musicians of all ages, levels and backgrounds to submit video of their own rendition of the classic erhu song, Horse Race, to be part of a short film. The film will be made by the award-winning filmmaker Vicki Van Chau and will be released during the Chinese New Year.

Despite the fact that it is an erhu piece, the call is open to ALL instrumentalists and not limited to erhu players. Participants will have an opportunity to show off their talent, be part of an artwork, and make new connections. Participants will also be invited to the film premiere event during the Chinese New Year. More details to come.

Music Requirements

  • Repertoire: Horse Race, by Huang Hai-Huai
  • Sheet Music: simplified notation; standard notation
  • Recording Guide Track: Please play along with this provided guide track in headphones for recording 
  • Tempo: 132 bpm
  • Tuning: A=440 hz
  • Please record one instrument at a time per video. If you wish to play a second instrument, just send another video!

Please choose one from the 3 options to record and submit:
1. Play the entire piece
2. Play parts of the piece
3. Play your own “variations” of the song, but it must follow the tempo and the tuning.

Video Requirements

When making the video, first record yourself announcing the following before you start playing:

  • Your name
  • Where are you from
  • The name of your instrument

When recording video of yourself performing the song:

  • You can use your phone, camera, or tablet
  • Shoot your video horizontally, NOT vertically
  • Make sure to record at minimum 1080p quality

Optional Audio Specifications
If you also have access to recording equipment, please use it to record the audio of your performance:

  • 24-bit WAV or AIFF format
  • 44.1 KHz

How to Submit

Please fill out the form, attach your video (and audio) file, and submit online:

What’s Next

  • We will start working on editing the film after January 15, 2021. Our production team will not be able to use every bit of audio and footage that we receive for the film, but will use some material from every submission.
  • The film will be released during the Chinese New Year in February 2021.
  • All participants will be invited to attend the online premiere event.


Please email with any questions!

About the Artist

VICKI VAN CHAU is an award-winning filmmaker and artist based in Calgary. She has produced and directed several short films that have screened across Canada and internationally.

As a Chinese-Vietnamese Canadian, she has been guided by the teachings and traditions that have been passed down through her family, which has been the foundation of her identity and work. Her family and cultural identity has been a core inspiration in her artistic practice and helps her to promote the appreciation of both Chinese and Vietnamese culture through a uniquely Canadian perspective, focussing on the intricate visuals and sounds of each aspect she explores.

JIAJIA LI became the artistic director of Calgary Chinese Orchestra in 2020 and was the co-director since 2018. Classically-trained flutist Jiajia Li is being praised as “one of the city’s finest and most adventurous flautists”. She was the 2019 recipient of the classical music residency at National Music Centre, and 2016 recipient of Canada’s “Juno” music award micro grant. Since her arrival in Calgary in 2014, Jiajia has forged her identity through music and performance, cutting across a wide range of modern musical experimentations and traditions. Currently a faculty member at the Mount Royal University Conservatory, Jiajia is an active performer and has appeared in festivals including Sled Island, Calgary New Music Festival, and The Works.


徵件截止日: 2021年1月15日 11點59分(山區時間)


疫情期間,春節將至。卡城中樂團攜同獲獎電影大導演Vicki Van Chau製作一輯春節音樂電影特輯,預在2021年農曆新年期間向網上播出。卡城中樂團希望籍此音樂活動能為旅居海外華人在春節期間增添溫馨、熱鬧的氣氛。現誠邀二胡經典《賽馬》音樂錄像作品,以便製作春節特輯。錄像內容不限於二胡演奏,歡迎所有樂器參與。參與者不限年齡、級別和背景;通過這次音樂活動,表演者有機會展示您的才華,廣結知音;並獲邀上春節特輯網上首映慶典。歡迎所有音樂家和音樂愛好者一起參與。


曲目:賽馬 (黃海懷)
樂譜:簡譜; 五線譜
錄音 Guide Track: 錄音時,請使用耳機播放 guide track 並一同演奏,保證速度一致
速度: 132 bpm
調音: A= 440 hz

1. 演奏全曲
2. 演奏片段
3. 演奏自己的變奏或即興,但要求音准和速度與guide track一致



  • 您的名字
  • 來自哪裏
  • 表演樂器


  • 設備:可使用手提電話,平板設備,或者專業照相機錄影
  • 請橫屏攝影,不要豎屏
  • 請確定影像分辨率至少在1080p


  • 24-bit WAV or AIFF format
  • 44.1 KHz




  • 在1月15日截止日期之後,我們將開始製作影片。我們無法保證會用到所有完整素材,但是一定會用到每一位提交的素材。
  • 影片將於2021年春節期間播出。
  • 所有的參與者都會被邀請到影片首映的線上活動。



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A Christmas with Calgary Chinese Orchestra

Calgary Chinese Orchestra will be hosting a special holiday concert on December 8th, 2019 at 6pm, featuring our young guest conductor Bang Zhang.

The repertoires — hand-picked by Zhang —showcases his unique tastes in Chinese ensemble music. Mixed with classics like Spring River in the Flower Moon Night (春江花月夜), Dance of the Yao People (瑤族舞曲), and popular TV theme from The Grand Mansion Gate (大宅門), you’ll be hearing some newly composed and arranged works.

We are also thrilled to have guest performers from University of Calgary World Music Ensemble. Directed by Dr. Rod T. Squance, the World Music Ensemble taps into ethnic cultural music from around the world, including Trinidadian steel drums, Balinese shadow theatre music and kecak, Indian classical raga music, Japanese taiko drumming, Arabic popular songs and Sundanese gamelan.

For the past 20 years, CCO has been a hub attracting like-minded people to share their passion of Chinese music with the local community. The sound created by the diverse array of Chinese instruments is indescribable.

A Christmas with Calgary Chinese Orchestra presented by Mount Royal Conservatory will take place on Sunday, December 8th, 2019, at 6pm at TransAlta Pavilion, Taylor Centre for Performing Arts. Admission by donation. All ages are welcome. Take a little break from the busy holiday season and enjoy a nice evening of unique music.

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Scenes from Tea Horse Road

Calgary Chinese Orchestra is presenting this year’s annual concert, titled “Scenes from Tea Horse Road”. You will hear music from the ancient Tea Horse Road region from southwest China, as well as the Canadian premiere of a new composition called “Tea Horse” by Chinese composer Li Bo-Chan. The concert will also feature renowned Suona virtuoso Wu Zhong-Xi from Vancouve. Packed with classics and some surprises, this concert has something for everyone!

General: $25 / $20*
Student** / Under 14: $15 / $12*
Reserved Seats: $30 (including a designed ticket)
*Early Bird price: valid until June 5, 2019
**Students must show student ID card at admission

Tickets can be purchased here online, or
In person (Cash/Debit/Credit) at MRU Conservatory: Sundays 6:30- 8:30pm, room ED 2001

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or shoot us a message here!

卡城中樂團2019年度音樂會 “茶馬古道楓華情” 即將奏響。此次音樂會取古老的“茶馬道”地域-中國西南部音樂為題,憶古思今。中國青年作曲家李博禪新創作的民樂合奏作品“茶馬”,也將作為加拿大首演在此次音樂會亮相。此曲再現了自唐以來,活躍在西南滇藏邊疆上的通商馬隊與其他民族通商交流的場景。另外,音樂會還特別邀請到來自溫哥華的嗩吶大師吳忠喜先生加盟演出。經典與驚喜同台,相信每位觀眾都能找到您喜歡的音樂!

學生** 或小於14歲: $15/$12*
座位預留票: $30 (除提供預留座位保證最佳欣賞聆聽視角外,還會提供2019年演奏會收藏紀念版門票一張)
*早鳥票價: 截止至2019年6月5日

現金/銀行卡/信用卡售票請在每週日下午6:30-8:30 MRU Conservatory ED 2001室購票

如有任何問題,歡迎電郵聯繫卡城中樂團 或者Facebook短信。

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Myths and Legends: Calgary Chinese Orchestra Annual Concert 2018

This year marks our 20th anniversary and we would like to invite YOU to come celebrate with us! We have also transitioned to the Mount Royal University Conservatory back in January 2018 to enhance our rehearsal area and open more performance/music education opportunities for our members. On top of that, we have also welcomed Ms. Jiajia Li (an award winning local flautist) as one of our artistic directors to help guide us to another level of group performance. The concert pieces for this year is inspired by the myths and legends that are passed down by our Chinese ancestors from China and Taiwan. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Early bird tickets (until end of May): $25

Regular tickets (From June 1st – June 23rd): $30

Please note: Tickets purchase here online are ticket reservations ONLY. Please print your ticket confirmation info and bring them to one of the big tables at the front of the theatre entrance for your official ticket on the night of the performance (ideal pick up time: 30 minutes – 60 minutes before concert showtime). If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at!

卡城中樂團於六月二十三日星期六晚上7:30在Leacock Theatre 舉辦《南腔北韻說古今 – 2018 年度音樂會》。今年是卡城中樂團成立20周年, 樂團亦在一月份加入皇家山音樂學院成為其下一份子,為會員提供了一個更完善的練習環境。樂團很榮幸邀請到李佳佳女士擔任我們的藝術指導,使這次音樂會無論在曲目的安排和演奏的技巧上都有所提升。是次音樂會曲目包括北方的京劇,南方的廣東小調;有二千多年前長江流域的歷史故事,也有現代西南方民族的舞蹈.另外更精心帶來幾首與台灣相關的曲子:有遠古時期的神話傳說,有原住民的祭典及舞蹈,更有現代人借景抒情的作品,務求為大家帶來耳目一新的體驗,請不要錯過這場由卡城獨一無二的中樂團呈獻的精彩演出!


Theatre directions/parking map: