About us

The Calgary Chinese Orchestra (CCO) was founded in 1997 and is dedicated to promoting Chinese music and instruments in a fun and joyful environment through education and performance.

Along with presenting its own annual concert, the CCO is an active force in the community, performing at various concerts and events including: the “Calgary Canada Day 150th Celebration” at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, the “2020 Lunar New Year Celebration” with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and “Opera in the Village” with the Calgary Opera, as well as charities and other fundraising activities throughout the years.

The orchestra is comprised of many kinds of musical instruments, each with rich and ancient histories, with some unique only to China. Its members are all dedicated to carrying on the abundant traditions of all the different styles of music found in the many regions of China, as well as embracing the influence of Western music, utilizing the innovations of modern technology, and expanding upon the local arts scene through collaborations with other musical societies.

Since 2018, CCO has partnered with the Mount Royal University Conservatory under the artistic direction of Ms. Jiajia Li.

卡城中樂團(CCO)成立於1997年,為Alberta省註冊的非牟利藝術團體,其宗旨為在加拿大推廣和介紹中國傳統音樂文化。樂團為大眾提供一個輕鬆的學習環境,普及歷史悠久的中國樂器。樂團是卡爾加里唯一一個致力發展中樂交響與協作的音樂團體,推廣傳頌千年的古音,豐富多彩的少數民族音樂,也在保持民族音樂特色的基礎上嘗試融合,包括表演新作品,改編西方音樂以及流行音樂。二十年來,樂團積極在各種場合演出數百場,受到各界人士的好評。2018年,卡城中樂團與皇家山大學音樂學院達成合作協議,成為學院旗下的課程,為團員提供一個更好的學習環境。同年,更邀請到長笛演奏家李佳佳女士為其藝術總監,令樂團更上一層樓。樂團為熱愛中國傳統音樂的人士提供表演和學習的平台,也隨時歡迎更多樂友加入我們。有興趣者請郵件聯絡: info@CalgaryChineseOrchestra.com 或跟蹤我們的社交媒體Facebook 和 Instagram @CalgaryChineseOrchestra