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Scenes from Tea Horse Road

Calgary Chinese Orchestra is presenting this year’s annual concert, titled “Scenes from Tea Horse Road”. You will hear music from the ancient Tea Horse Road region from southwest China, as well as the Canadian premiere of a new composition called “Tea Horse” by Chinese composer Li Bo-Chan. The concert will also feature renowned Suona virtuoso Wu Zhong-Xi from Vancouve. Packed with classics and some surprises, this concert has something for everyone!

General: $25 / $20*
Student** / Under 14: $15 / $12*
Reserved Seats: $30 (including a designed ticket)
*Early Bird price: valid until June 5, 2019
**Students must show student ID card at admission

Tickets can be purchased here online, or
In person (Cash/Debit/Credit) at MRU Conservatory: Sundays 6:30- 8:30pm, room ED 2001

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or shoot us a message here!

卡城中樂團2019年度音樂會 “茶馬古道楓華情” 即將奏響。此次音樂會取古老的“茶馬道”地域-中國西南部音樂為題,憶古思今。中國青年作曲家李博禪新創作的民樂合奏作品“茶馬”,也將作為加拿大首演在此次音樂會亮相。此曲再現了自唐以來,活躍在西南滇藏邊疆上的通商馬隊與其他民族通商交流的場景。另外,音樂會還特別邀請到來自溫哥華的嗩吶大師吳忠喜先生加盟演出。經典與驚喜同台,相信每位觀眾都能找到您喜歡的音樂!

學生** 或小於14歲: $15/$12*
座位預留票: $30 (除提供預留座位保證最佳欣賞聆聽視角外,還會提供2019年演奏會收藏紀念版門票一張)
*早鳥票價: 截止至2019年6月5日

現金/銀行卡/信用卡售票請在每週日下午6:30-8:30 MRU Conservatory ED 2001室購票

如有任何問題,歡迎電郵聯繫卡城中樂團 或者Facebook短信。

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