Chinese Music Night 2016

This year, we are hosting an eventful music night at the First Baptist Church. We will be performing some of the greatest Chinese classical and modern pieces such as traditional folk music Jasmine Flower, Pipa ensemble Moonlight Over the Spring River, 12 Girls Band’s Carnival, Hollywood Music Medley to name a few. If you and/or your friends are looking for some activities to do on a Saturday long weekend night, please come and join us for a spectacular evening for a taste of Chinese music!

今年七月二號晚上,卡城中樂團會舉辦一個豐富的音樂會。這晚上會演出幾首著名經典樂曲包括:民間小調《茉莉花》,琵琶《春江花月夜》,十二女子樂坊的《花樣年華》,好莱坞電影音樂荟萃 等等。希望大家能夠來支持我們的音樂會!

*All proceeds after expenses will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross for Fort McMurray
* 为了帮助 Fort McMurray 火灾,我们这次演出的全部收入扣除场地租用费将全部捐给加拿大红十字会。


WHEN: Saturday, 2 July 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (MDT)


TICKETS: Online tickets are available at: EVENTBRITE

In store tickets: Page One Books & Gifts(書城),102a 303 Centre St SW, (403)265-2689


WHERE:  First Baptist Church  1311 – 4 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta